Tchoukball UK is delighted to announce the new initiative of 'County Competitions'. These the starter tier of competitions at Tchoukball UK. Primarily intended for developing players and beginners, these are to be introduced in theĀ 2015-2016 season as part of our policy to offer tchoukball to everyone. The competition is named after the county that hosts it rather than the teams that participate so the Hampshire League could consist of teams from East Sussex, Kent or London. Rules are relaxed and any player can participate in any team.

Andrew Wolfe, Regional Development Manager for the South East explains the philosophy behind this new initiative:

"Back when I started tchoukball in the 1980s we had a strong local setup with regular weekly tchoukball. As a young player it was perfect - I got to play against some great players but I never felt uncomfortable or anxious as a new person to the sport. Regional and national leagues are great for established players who are happy travelling, but we need a local offering for players who aren't yet engaged to that extent. County competitions fill that gap perfectly."

Pete King, Head of Development for Tchoukball UK added:

"Tchoukball UK has done a lot of great work establishing a pathway for athletes through from the regional leagues right into the national teams. What county competitions add is a way of bridging the gap between starters and the first regional tier of competition, which in some areas, is still a very high level. It's about the grass roots player enjoying sport."

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