Tchoukball UK was founded in 1971 as the British Tchoukball Association and was a founding member of tchoukball's global governing body, the International Tchoukball Federation (FITB).

Tchoukball players from Britain have been participating in international tournaments for a number of years. The highlight so far was Tchoukball UK organising the 2002 World Tournament, the largest international competition in the history of Tchoukball. Tchoukball UK has formed international squads of both men and women, and they attend regular coaching sessions preparing for coming international competitions. The relatively new ladies section is showing great promise and is growing in strength. The development of the under 16 group is another stride forward that augurs well for the future of the game.

A major aspect of Tchoukball UK's work is, and will remain, with schools where in the junior and middle age range the game is steadily becoming an accepted part of the curriculum. This appears to coincide with the professions move away from practice of aggressive type games, to skill orientation. Tchoukball is compatible with the demands of Key Stages 2, 3 and 4 and is an excellent alternative to traditional sports for encouraging team play and sportsmanship.

Our influence in secondary and higher education continues to grow encouragingly although there remains a largely untapped potential. It is with this in mind that Tchoukball UKĀ intends to provide a better service, aimed at helping those who wish to introduce tchoukball. Tchoukball UK is offering demonstrations to all interested parties.

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