Tchoukball UK has selected the very best suppliers from across Europe to provide top equipment at excellent prices. Tchoukball Promotion, who are based in Switzerland, are our official supplier of tchoukball frames. Recently, Tchoukball UK has worked with Youth Sport Direct in the UK to offer equipment to very young children at a much lower price.

To play tchoukball, you need the following equipment:


FramesTchoukball has 2 'frames' positioned on the court like football goals which are strong rebound nets designed to withstand the force of a tchoukball thrown at high speed from close range. Frames are essential to play. Tchoukball is a 2-ended game so 2 frames are necessary for the proper match experience.


TchoukballsA tchoukball is a special ball with a fixed weight that is designed for throwing at the frame. Balls that are too heavy could damage the net and too light will not make proper play possible.

Knee Pads:

Knee padsKnee pads are personal protection. A good pad will protect the knee from impact whilst defending or retrieving the ball and should cover around the knee as well as just the kneepads. Players at a higher level may also wear smaller knee pads on their elbows to ensure they are fully protected if diving for the ball.







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