The Yorkshire and Humber regional league got underway as Headingley Outlaws took on Divisional rivals Leeds Cosmos. Both teams were keen to get the season off to a positive start, with a a number of new faces in both line-ups. The match was started in a nervous fashion, with the scores still 0-0 after three minutes. Once both teams settled, Leeds Cosmos began to take the ascendancy, as experienced Team UK internationals Janine Lesiak and Jill Hayhurst rallied Leeds into an early first period lead of 18-8.

The second period saw Outlaws start to get into their stride a little more, as top scorer in the match Alistair MacDonald started to find to the odd gap in the ever impressive Leeds defence. Young debutant's, 13-year-old Matthew Chartres-Lock and James Hallett, 15, also showed suburb composure on the front line as they continued their learning progression against the experienced Cosmos shooters.

As the period went on, Leeds Cosmos again started to pile on the pressure and extended their lead with some well timed shooting from more newcomers Jack Snell and Joseph Davison, who together scored a combined total of 15 points throughout the match.

The third period, saw Outlaws again improve as they produced their best period of the match, however, it was Leeds Cosmos’ experience that saw them through to the end, winning the game 60-26.

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