Portsmouth University Tchoukball Club showed their rhythmic side as they took part in a charity dance competition.

The competition was organised by the University of Portsmouth Dance Club, as a charity event to support St Barnabas House Hospice.

Taking place each year it was the second time tchoukball had entered.

Despite the support of two coaches provided by the University Dance Club, the tchoukballers were more ball skills than ballroom, finishing in 15th place.

"Unfortunately football won the event and we were cheated with only 15th place," said tchoukball club member Alex Hamilton.

"As this is fairly early on in the university calendar and we started training in October it meant it was an excellent way of getting new members engaged with the club. We would be meeting up four times in the week for dance and tchoukball training during this time, including an informal social most evenings. It also meant we improved our visibility within the university putting tchoukball even more firmly on the map in Portsmouth."

In total the club raised £50 through its entry into the competition, as well as raising nearly £60 in ticket sales.

This helped the event raise more than £2,000 for the Hospice.

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